To change your shoes,
just click your heels.

Introducing the world's first designer shoes
with interchangeable heel clips.

You’re looking at your next favorite pair of shoes. Or, should we say, several pairs of designer shoes in one. The exclusive Ann Worley Ltd collection. The concept is as simple as it is elegant: Pick a pair of exquisitely fashionable (yet comfortable) shoes from the five styles available. Then choose a beautifully designed pair of heel clips from the 30 available. Snap them on to your heels and…


Voilá. One pair
becomes a collection.

The possibilities are exponential: First, every pair of fine AW shoes comes with a set of heel clips that matches the leather. Add another set of clips and one pair becomes two. Add a few more heel-clip designs and it becomes a closetful. Except, of course, you won’t need more closet space because each pair of shoes looks brand new with every clip design you snap on. And imagine traveling — and only having to pack one pair of shoes that magically transform with every space-saving heel clip you bring along.


Match your mood. Your mindset.
Your outfit.
Or occasion.

Change your look in seconds. Change your shoes in a snap. Literally. And the best part? You never have to take off your shoes. Go from day into night. Work into play. Fancy into fun. With 30 styles of heel clips to choose from, in less than a minute you can go classic or modern; striped or blinged-out; organic to metallic.


"They're sheer
chic genius."

— Shoe enthusiast and frequent Ann Worley customer