Trust your feet to the
best hands in the world.

The Ann Worley shoe collection and clips are handcrafted using methods that fine Italian artisans have used for centuries. We combed the world and found the very best source there is in Tuscany — Calzaturificio Gardenia. For over 50 years Gardenia has raised the craft of creating women’s shoes to an art form: Every single AW shoe is made from the softest, highest-grade calf leather. Nearly all of our innovative AW heel clips (patent pending) are hand-decorated at small factories near Bologna. All in all, it takes over 100 production steps before you ever take your first step in a new pair of AW shoes.


Welcome to the
wonderful world of Worley.

When Ann was just eight years old, her mother gave her a life-changing gift: Her very first pair of dress-up heels. On that day, a footwear fashionista was born. Many decades later, Ann’s lifelong passion for style — and mission to find an elegant shoe with a comfortably lower heel and high sense of design — inspired her to create a designer shoe with interchangeable heels in 2011 and launch Ann Worley Ltd in 2016. (A patent is pending.)

"They're sheer
chic genius."

— Shoe enthusiast and frequent Ann Worley customer